7 Rituals of Self Care

Routine gives your mind and body the framework it needs to run smoothly, with more balance and less anxiety. Just as the Sun rises and falls with predictability, so should you - add these 7 Self Care Rituals to set the stage for your healthiest day, every day.

1 - Develop an Attitude of Gratitude: Before you step foot out of bed, set a positive intention, whisper a prayer of gratitude, or find 3 things you like about yourself & the world around you - establish your daily momentum with kindness!

2 - Lively Up Yourself: Splash your face with cool water, look at your tongue, then scrape it gently with your stainless steel tongue scraper, rinse your mouth and splash your eyes. Massage your eyelids by gently rubbing them. Blink your eyes 7 times and rotate them in all directions - say Good Morning to your Senses!

3 - Give it a good FLUSH: At night your body likes to rest and remove toxins. We experience this as we empty our bladder and bowels each morning. To support organ health, drink warm or room temp water (after scraping your tongue) to help flush the toxins out, cleanse the kidney and gain healthier skin and improved digestion. 

4 - Clean the Intake System: Oral health can add years to your life - teeth are a precious commodity! Oil pulling has become popular - and for good reason - it kills bacteria, whitens teeth and reduces cavities. Swish 1 tablespoon organic Sesame Oil for 15 minutes - (spit into the trash, not in the sink). Use a Neem based toothpaste to reduce plaque and kill smelly bacteria.

5 - Clean the Air Filter: Neti Pot, as seen on Oprah :) is a great way to clean the seasonal dust, boogies and allergies from your sinus passages for a cleaner breath of air. Consider Nasya Oil on the days when you don't need the Neti Pot. Even breath in both nostrils helps a Yogi find balance and makes meditation more accessible. Soothe, cleanse and nourish this important and sensitive area.

6 - Get your Glow On: Abhyanga (Self Oil Massage) is a great way to keep the immune system healthy, improve skin health and improve sleep. Use an oil specific to your Dosha (unique constitution). In the summer in Texas, it's usualyl ok to go with Sunflower or Coconut. In the winter, Sesame may be your best choice, so ask your Ayurvedic Consultant. Apply oil to your dry skin. Allow it to soak in before hopping in a tepid or warm shower to rinse off what doesn't soak in. Just like the TinMan, we need to lubricate our joints and deep tissues! Try putting oil on the soles of your clean feet and crown of your head at night for deeper sleep.

7 - Save the World through Personal Practice - don't leave home without it: Last but not least - your daily personal practice should be unique to you, based on your needs, health and stage of life. A foundational practice would be a few stretches to relax spine and hips, and 3-5 minutes in Pranayama. Consider Nadi Shodhanam (alternate nostril breath) or a simple Even / Complete Breath (even inhale, even exhale, smooth, silent and easy). This is how we train our Mind, which is the driver for all thought and activity. We don't always have an hour for asana at the studio, so find a clean, quiet spot where you can enliven your body, build your pranic force field, and clam and steady the mind.

We thank you, the world thanks you. The path to world peace begins with your health and happiness.



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