From Anxiety and Panic Attacks to Peace

From Anxiety and Panic Attacks to Peace

Posted on January 14, 2020 by Dr. Paula

By Dr. Paula Joyce, Ph.D.


Everything vibrates at its own frequency. Lower frequencies include fear, anxiety, and panic. Higher frequencies are ones of love, peace, and gratitude. When we bring our thoughts and feelings to love or gratitude, we replace our anxiety with peace. Here are some effective techniques to help you achieve this:

  • Create this image in your mind or put it on a piece of paper that you keep handy: a pink heart with a rainbow inside surrounded completely by gold dots. The gold is Universal healing energy and the heart and rainbow are Universal love. Just looking at this image will relieve your anxiety and panic attacks.
  • For optimum benefit, use this technique every morning upon waking, every night before going to sleep, and when needed in the moment. It will help you release past negative emotions, avoid holding on to negativity as it occurs throughout the day, and help you heal, balance, and stabilize your emotions. If you’re able to visualize things in your mind, do so while you’re saying this. If you can’t, simply saying the words is sufficient. Say out loud or in a whisper: “I ask the Universal Pink Heart of Love to surround me, the Universal Turquoise Heart of Love to surround the Pink Heart of Love and the Universal White Heart of Love to surround both hearts, and I ask that a gold cord go from the bottom of my heart chakra into the center of the earth.” The gold cord releases the negative emotions into the earth for transformation, and the Universal Heart of Love is pure love sending healing energy to you. Where there is love, no fear, anxiety, panic, or any other negative emotion can exist.
  • Use this to help you fall asleep, in the middle of the night, in the morning or when you are experiencing fear, anxiety, or panic. If you do it consistently, it will become an automatic internal response. You will hear yourself thinking it when you need calming, even when you don’t make a conscious effort. Say this over and over again in your mind: “Peace in my mind. Peace in my body. Peace in my spirit. Peace in my soul.”
  • Visualize a rainbow with silver sparkles in it or draw it and carry it with you. Just looking at it will remove fear and anxiety and replace it with love. The rainbow is Universal love and the color silver provides protection from negative forces.
  • Imagine that pink light is coming from the heavens and going to the top of your head. Breathe that pink light into your body and see it (or just know it is) going through the top of your head and filling your body. Do this several times. Pink is emotionally healing.
  • Take a walk in nature and feel the love from the plants, trees, birds, and all of nature filling you and caressing you. Even using a screen saver of nature will reduce your stress by 10%.
  • Bring your thoughts to someone or something that makes you happy or grateful and reminds you of all of the love available to you when you choose to focus on it. Fill yourself with this love. It will replace the fear, anxiety, and panic with love and peace.
  • Pet a beloved animal, hug someone or hug yourself. Allow yourself to feel the love being transmitted and shared. Where there is love, there can be no anxiety.

Transforming anxiety is a process, not an event. Love yourself along the way. Celebrate your progress. Every victory is a success to be noted and honored. You can even keep a success journal to remind yourself of how well you’re doing.

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