The Bite-Sized Self-Care Checklist - Waking Up Better

On the go and in a rush, we spend too little time caring for ourselves. As a result, we are dying earlier and experiencing more cancer and bizzare disease than did our ancestors. When given the chance to practice self-care, we've not been taught so it's hard to know where and how to start. I invite you to consider this checklist - select one new habit and see how quickly your life can change for the healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

Waking Up:

  • Wake with gentle thoughts - cultivate a mood of love and generosity; avoid going into ‘work’ or ‘do’ mode until you have ‘filled your cup’
  • Ask yourself to remember your dreams. Write them down, make comments about the feelings or notable events your subconscious is revealing or unspooling.
  • Take a full breath, in and out 5 times, stretch your arms out, activate your legs, turn your head from side to side and let your whole body expand; allow the blood and lymph to flow
  • Do a relaxation body scan, 61 Points Practice, or Yoga Nidra
  • Look at your hands, remember you are human, which allows you the opportunity to consciously and proactively evolve and grow in spiritual maturity and abundance.
  • Give yourself a facial massage: with ring finger and middle finger, gently massage your temples, hairline,  and jaw. Massage down to your chin and neck, under your chin and behind your ears. Massage around the top of your ears and gently massage the sinus on either side of the nose, under the eye, and above the eyebrow. Make your way to the space above and below your lips.
  • Do an ear massage to access the acupressure points that soothe the body, mind and organs. Gently squeeze your earlobes.
  • Say a prayer of gratitude, or find 3 things to be grateful for, even and especially the little things.
  • Agree to love yourself and accept nourishment with kindness and gratitude.
  • Set an intention to be kind, honest, and non-selfish. To avoid excessiveness, and practice cleanliness in thought, word and deed. To accept contentment, to reign in the desires of the senses, to be aware of self and the results of our actions. And finally, to be aware of the divine in al things, and in all things the divine.


Fill your cup to overflowing, so that others may drink from your saucer.


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