Finding Silver Linings: Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

A coaching client was worried about workplace changes that will soon leave him without a job. Loss of a job can trigger fear, or it can be an opportunity to reassess: Who am I now? What do I want now? What will bring me joy now? My client has shown himself to be capable of profound change. In just under three years, he has gone from living in his parent’s home and helping them pay their mortgage to living independently to sharing an apartment with his girlfriend; from parking cars at minimum wage to actualizing his childhood dream of selling cars; and from being home schooled in a socially and academically limiting environment to being comfortable with his coworkers, mentored by his boss and chosen to participate in a special training, which required him to attend a week-long class with a teacher, strangers, and homework for the first time in his life. He has even been exploring his creativity through writing, painting and playing guitar. His self-confidence, self-esteem, aspirations, and understanding of his capabilities keep changing as he allows himself to explore his talents, skills, and desires.

Hearing His Inner Wisdom
What brought him joy a year ago may or may not be his best choice now. To look deeper within himself for some answers, we used my Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process. He worked with the crayons to discover the hidden blocks to his being able to get a job that meets his financial and personal needs, and drew what looked initially like scribbling. As I looked more closely, I saw a top row of a series of faces and a bottom row with a series of heads with no facial features and with him calmly situated in the middle. People were changing, but he was stable, centered and doing fine. More was revealed when he described the shape at the bottom of his drawing as a fox. The fox is a spirit guide representing the magic of camouflage, shapeshifting, invisibility and positive outcomes through creativity. His unconscious mind was telling him through the symbol of the fox that he is creating a new world that is growing and shapeshifting into new positive patterns, just like the faces in his drawing were shapeshifting. If he focuses on his creative energies, he will succeed at anything he chooses. The words that he wrote confirmed his drawing: “Be You. Believe in you. You can do it.” Even the colors he chose for his writing and drawing amplified the message. He used red, which is the color of the first chakra, the place of action and of the kundalini, which is the creative life force; and yellow which is the color of the third chakra, which holds fear and also the higher self. The message is that the fear is being pushed aside by the wisdom of the higher self, which is saying “Be You. Believe in you. You can do it.” Through this process, he was able to hear his inner wisdom and reaffirm his self-confidence, knowing that, as in the past, he will continue to create a better life for himself moving deeper into who he really is and what will truly bring him joy.

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