Almost everyday while walking to my gym on 4th Street and Broadway in New York City, I see a woman siting on the street.

While many people living on the street are desperate or deranged, this woman has an odd dignity.

She has a gas fueled burner on which she warms her food and drink. And as I walk into the gym each morning, I actually see her savor her food, not so much like a starving person but like a foodie at a fancy restaurant.

On a late Fall day, I saw her say "goodbye, see you in the Spring" to the wilting flowers. She sits with elegant posture. She is a beautiful human being, a sight to behold.

You might ask...why no photograph?

Because I owe her the respect she demands.

So why is a such a proud person living on the street? Surely she could hold down a job and find a simple abode?

Something must be wrong with her? I can't wrap my head around it.

Maybe the secret to life is not exclusive to people who sleep in warm beds or have a stable income.