Intuition Is Your Friend

Logic vs. Intuition

Brain researchers estimate that there is 10 million times more information in our intuitive, creative mind than in our logical mind. Einstein understood this. He said: “The only really valuable thing is intuition.”  “I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

In our society, however, we are trained to be logical. If we can’t see, feel, taste, touch, or smell something, it couldn’t possibly be real. Our intuition is the still small voice within, our gut feelings, our inner knowing, our guidance, our connection to our soul. It is the wiser part of ourselves, the part that knows the Truth of who we are. Our logical mind is so loud, however, that it drowns out the whisper that is trying to guide us on our authentic path.

Sometimes it feels like an internal tug of war with the “should’s, must’s and have to’s” pulling us in one direction and the “I want to’s” trying to hold their ground. Most of us make a little progress and then get pulled back into the “should’s”. We want to be liked. We want to do the right thing. But at the end of the day, do we like ourselves? Do we do the right thing for ourselves? If we don’t listen to the whispers of our intuition, we get a tap on the shoulder, and if we still don’t listen, we get hit with a 2 X 4. And we wonder why half the population is on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, or both. It’s time to pay attention to your intuition–the kind, loving voice that wants the best for you.

Techniques For Learning To Listen To Your Intuition

  • Set your intention by praying for help. Because we have free will and can learn our lessons in positive or negative ways, I use this format: I give permission, in a positive way only, to (fill in whoever you pray to) to guide me through love to hear and follow my intuition in ways that I will clearly understand.
  • Just before you go to sleep, write your intention down. You could say: I intend, in a positive way only and through love, to hear and follow my intuition. In the morning, read it out loud as soon as you awake.
  • Keep a journal of dreams, signs, symbols, or synchronicity. Our guidance often speaks to us through these methods. You can pick one to start with and then pay close attention to everything. For instance, you might hear a song on the radio that your mother loved, or you turn on the television just as a program starts that is meaningful to you in some unexpected way, or a bird catches your attention, or you hear a complete stranger telling their friend information you need.
  • Take your watch off and start listening to your body. Pay attention to what you want and need as opposed to what society, your family, or friends want you to do. If you have a schedule to keep, do this on the weekend or some other convenient time. Ask yourself questions like: When do I feel tired and need a nap? (even if you can push through or pep up with caffeine); When do I need to go to sleep? (even if it’s earlier or later than you think you should be going to sleep); When am I hungry? (even if it isn’t mealtime); Do I want to eat what’s being served? (even if not eating it might upset the person who prepared the food)
  • Build the spiritual energy in a specific place in your home. It might be where you meditate or do yoga or just sit and relax. My special place is by a window where I can look out at nature. This is a form of meditation and has been proven to lower stress and create a relaxation response in the body. This will help you hear your intuition. You can also go out in nature, even if it’s just outside your home where there’s a small water feature, even a birdbath, sun, trees, plants, and birds. 
  • Use a deck of oracle or tarot cards. Pick one in the morning and pay attention as you go through your day looking for the meaning it has for you.
  • At the end of your yoga practice, while in shavasana, notice your thoughts. This is a good time to hear your intuition.

Be dedicated and patient with yourself. This is a process. Know that you’re worth it!

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