Learning to Love - by Swami Rama

Sometimes, as part of my morning practice, I ask myself...'what would Swama Rama do? What would he say? What's the best thing to do?' 

Then I open to a random page. Good Morning to you June 23rd, 2018 - Inspired Thoughts by Swami Rama:

'I always say that the institution of the family has been made by women only, but that they have forgotten their power. Unless women are awakened, unless they arise, humanity cannot help itself.

The home is the first institute of learning, and that institute of learning is crumbling. The first thing we should learn is to protect the institution of the family. It is where we get our first education: it is where we learn to understand.

The child who receives love understands how to love. One who has never received love can never love no matter how many methods of acting he learns. Most psychological problems are sown in childhood, and the main defect lies in the education one receives. We should become aware of this and we should ask mothers to protect the institution. We should learn to respect motherhood. The finest of all symbols of love in the world is the mother.'

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