The Practice of Shamanic Womb Purification

Shamans, also known as medicine men and women, have existed for millennia and have maintained the health and wellness of their communities for that long.  Shamans existed in nearly every culture in history and their healing gifts have been passed down from generation to generation.  Fortunately for us, these ancient healing traditions continue even in today’s modern world.  Shamanism has deep roots within many different cultures, including but not limited to South American, Native American, Siberian, Indian, Australian Aboriginals, and numerous other populations.  And while each culture has its own particular shamanic ceremonies and rituals, several techniques and concepts are consistent across all of the various traditions.  

One of the shamanic techniques that exists across all cultures is the use of the drum.  The beat of the drum mirrors the first thing we all hear in the womb - our mother’s heartbeat.  The effect the drum has on us is universal, altering our brainwaves to place us in an altered state of consciousness - a state where deep insight and healing occurs.  Modern medicine uses various advanced technologies to alter brainwaves to create this same healing effect, but don’t underestimate the power of the drum which has been used for thousands of years to reach this same state of healing.  

The shamanic womb purification is another teaching that exists across many different shamanic traditions.  From a shamanic perspective, the female womb is the energy center for a woman and for her family.  Just as the womb is the source of creation and new birth in a woman’s body, the womb is also the connection a woman has to Creator/Source energy (fill in God, Universe, or any other word that feels right here as shamanism is not a religion).  In addition to being the energy source for the woman and her family, the womb also cleanses the negative energies within the woman herself as well as the negative energies that exist within her sexual partner.  

In the ancient past, being responsible for cleansing the negative energies of her partner did not physically tax a woman’s body like it does today.  As Siberian Shaman Diana Suemi states, “There are many factors in the life of the modern woman that affect the functionality and health of her womb. A large number of sexual partners, the increased aggressiveness of men, unhealthy ecological conditions and many other stress factors contribute to polluting the uterus. As a result, many uterine complications can occur – UTI infections, cysts, inflammation, myomas, cancer growths, etc.”

Diana also teaches that every sexual intercourse between a man and a woman results in the creation of an energetic channel (an invisible “cord”) that conducts energy between them.  This energetic cord exists between the man and the woman for many years after the sexual contact, with some traditions saying up to seven years. If a woman has or has had many sexual partners, they continue to use her as an energy source (unknowingly to both parties) for many years after their relations end through this energetic cord. As a result, the woman’s energy is constantly being depleted and she can exhibit signs of depression, decreased energy, moodiness, sadness, and rapid aging. 

In the Siberian Shamanic tradition, the Shamanic Womb Purification ceremony involves the use of drums, music, movement, and powerful intentions to cut the energetic cords still attached to a woman’s uterus.  It is recommended that women perform this ritual on themselves on a regular basis to purify their energies and maintain their health.  

~~ On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, two shamans from Siberia will come through Dallas, Texas to offer a women’s healing circle and Shamanic Womb Purification ceremony.  Diana Suemi and Shakuntali have been traveling the world for nearly 20 years, providing healing circles and shamanic rituals to thousands of women.  In April 2018, Diana performed a Shamanic Womb Purification ceremony for twenty women in Dallas.  The turnout was phenomenal and she decided to add Dallas, Texas to her semi-annual tour of the United States going forward.  

To register for the Shamanic Womb Purification on 9/26, please click here.  Space is limited and early bird pricing ends September 15th.  To see a list of all shamanic workshops these Siberian Shamans are offering in Dallas between September 25 - 30, 2018, please click here

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