Thai Massage was not what I was expecting….

Massage is such an important part of self care – whether we provide the compassionate touch to ourselves, or work with a wellness partner to provide support, it can support your body’s immune response, improve sleep, and support digestion – all important things for people living a conscious lifestyle.

As a survivor of sexual abuse and assault, it’s sometimes difficult to completely relax during a body treatment, especially in the low back, hips, glutes and thighs area, where so many women experience tightness and stagnation. I’ve had all types of massages, resulting in a myriad of experiences, good, bad and ugly.

I chose Thai Yoga Love as my first Thai Massage experience because of their stellar reputation in our local wellness industry. David Tietje welcomed me into a public yet private enough setting and immediately I felt at ease. Performed on the floor, on a Thai Mat that looks and feels like a comfy futon cushion, the entire session is done clothes on! Rather than using oil and being covered by sheets, Thai Massage provided soft kneading, gentle stretching and what felt like restorative yoga postures at times. Feeling like a ragdoll, I allowed David to move my limbs and torso in a way that I’m certain I couldn’t do on my own – at one point I swear I was in the shape of a # and it felt great. Most significant to me was how he applied pressure to my thighs, which in turn relieved a great deal of stress from my shoulders. After the massage I felt relaxed, invigorated, and pliable. The next day, it felt like I had done a complete laterals asana practice – my body continued to feel tall,my energy vibrant, my mind content.

For research purposes (and personal enjoyment) I've scheduled massage in every country around the globe during business and vacation travels over the past 18 years. I even tried a Thai Massage in Thailand, but apparently it wasn’t too authentic, because what David was able to do was more than a physical experience. I’m grateful to have found a spiritually informed healer with learned skill, experience and natural talent. If you’ve not tried it, Thai Love Yoga can customize an experience to support your wellness routine, elevating body, mind and energy, while delighting the Fire & Light within.

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