Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 09:30
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Luke Ketterhagen
Uptown Yoga
2636 Thomas Ave
Dallas, TX 75204
United States
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As yogis and yoginis we have such a powerful and unique opportunity and responsibility – we inherently want to make the world a better place, an abode of love, compassion and peace – by awakening our fire on all levels we can do it! 

Sunday Master Class at Uptown Yoga: Exlpore the secret practices of Agni Sara – Detox, purify and awaken inner health. Cultivate dynamism and will power - the most ancient form of core strength!

Learn the preparatory practices and detailed instructions to move through a tantric asana practice to energize, awaken and transform internal tissues, organs, and energy channels in a progressive technique. This is the process to achieve what the Hatha Yoga Pradipika refers to as the foremost of all hatha practices.

With its deep contractions of the abdomen and pelvic floor, agni sara targets the abdominal organs and the centers of consciousness (chakras) responsible for regulating and carrying out the instinctive life of the body. It therefore affects not only our physical health but also our vitality and emotional life. Ultimately it facilitates spiritual growth and transformation. The name itself tells us this: agni, meaning fire, the elemental quality responsible for digestion, discrimination, and transformation, and sara, meaning essence.





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Luke is a studend of the Himalayan Institute for Yoga Science & Philosophy.

Luke says: For almost 18 years I have been blessed to share the gift that yoga and meditation gave to me. Yoga is based on a simple yet profound message. To learn about yoga is to learn that you are responsible for yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness.  And you can achieve that happiness through the systematic methods of this ancient Tradition and the company of fellow seekers. Through study and practice you will see who you really are, as you are; outside of any pre-existing circumstances or roles.  Without fail you then begin the journey to accepting yourself--and loving yourself in the process. 

I believe in the goodness and joy in the human spirit.  I believe in the ability of people to impose their own personal will and discipline on themselves to make change.  I believe that happiness is possible when the faith in one's inner joy is  skillfully wed with human effort.  We all have incredible capacity. Through the practices we can realize it.

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