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Friday, April 16, 2021 - 06:00 to Sunday, January 9, 2022 - 04:00
Jeff Masters
Kirsten Joy Burch
The Masters Institute
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$2,850 or per Module Price

Founded in Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and Direct Experience

The Masters Path 200-hour Teacher Training & Development is a comprehensive, experiential study of the art & science of Yoga, and its sister sciences.

Students receive authentic instruction in Hatha Yoga, classic yogic philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as well as the deeper teachings sourced directly from selected ancient tantric texts, as taught by the Masters of the Himalayas.

Our program’s primary focus is to offer an opportunity for the direct experience of personal transformation through the bridging of Eastern science of yoga, and the Western science, consciousness and psychobiology. From this perspective, students cultivate a rich and sustainable personal practice steeped in deep knowledge, creating a strong foundation from which to teach.

No student or class is the same: the systematic process of yoga science impacts the body, refines the mind, and provides a deep and abiding clarity to some of the most profound mysteries of the universe.

The Masters Path Yoga Teacher Training & Development program is part of a ‘Living Tradition’, which is passed down from Teacher to Student (guruparampara) over the course of generations, preserving the ancient wisdom and sacred practices through written, oral, and experiential methods.

This 200-Hour Teacher Training is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance, a national non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of yoga throughout the United States. Each student will receive a certificate of completion from the Masters Institute and is eligible for national certification through Yoga Alliance upon completion.

In addition to the live and recorded sessions in the Online Academy, all students seeking certification will be required to pass a knowledge assessment, and 2 written or oral presentations.

Our courses bridge the gap between the arts and science of the East and Western science, medicine and psychobiology.

Our instructors emphasize the modern application of ancient teachings to create accessible, embodied learning opportunities where understanding is inspired by direct experience and personal realization.

Take pre-recorded courses at your own pace. Live courses and webinars will be recorded and will be viewable after, to support those who cannot be present at a live event.

Each course includes downloadable lesson materials. PDF's, recorded lectures and video are all formats that may be included with your course.

At the completion of each course, you will receive a certificate to keep track of your completed courses and hours.


The training will be held online according to Yoga Alliance guidelines for COVID19 and state and local safety precautions

Module 1: Intro to Ayurveda - Learn Samkhya Philosophy, the foundation of Yoga & Ayurveda. Discover the basics of your Dosha, the 10 Pair of Opposites, and how to find balance by choice. Learn the Teacher Student Mantra, and enjoy an introduction to Nadi Shodhana, and other essential techniques to begin your personal practice.Traditionally, knowledge of Ayurveda was required before begining yoga practice.

April 16 - 18, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm (12 hours) | No Pre-requisite. $280 for CEUs


Module2: Yoga History, Purpose, and Potential - dive into the rich history and benefits of a rich lineage and living tradition. Learn about the types of yoga, the classic defiinition of Tantra, intro to mantra science, why, how, and what we hope to achieve based on the ancient texts and authentic practices.

May 21-23, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 3pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm (14 hours) | No Pre-requisite. $280 for CEUs


Module 3: Anatomy & Physiology of the Breath - learn how the body, brain, and nervous system is impacted by breath. Discover breath practices to calm, stabilize, and soothe, as well as energize. Learn the precautions and prerequusites of a safe and healthy breath practice based on science, and ancient tradition.

June 12 & 13, 2021: Saturday 9am - 3pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm (12 hours) | No Pre-requisite. $250 for CEUs


Module 4: Anatomy & Physiology of the Body - learn about this amazing physical body, how it moves, how to care for it, and how to prevent injury in your short and long term practice. 

July 17 & 18, 2021: Saturday 9am - 3pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm (12 hours) | No Pre-requisite. $250 for CEUs


Module 5: Vinyasa Krama / 'Wise Sequencing' - build on what you learned in Moduke 4, experience how a posture (known as 'asana') can impact the body, mind, and nervous system. Prepare yourself for a safe practice (and class) by being armed with the knowledge of 'function v. form' so all body types, in all conditions, can benefit from deliberate movement paired with breath. Learn how to prepare, execute, and recover from asana practices based on your desired outcome.

August 20-22, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm (14 hours) | Pre-requisite - Module 4 $280 for CEUs


Module 6: AyurvedicYoga - Custom Craft breath, movement, meditation, and radiant rest based on the unique needs of yourself, and your student / clients. Understand how season, time of day, time of life, and circumstance affects us, and how to determine 'the best practice to do now' to help alleviate symptoms of stress and imbalance.

September 17 - 19, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm (14 hours) | Pre-requisite - Module 1, 3, 4, 5 (or equivalent) $280 for CEUs


Module 7: Mindfulness, Meditation, Mantra - learn what meditaiton is, and isn't, based on the ancient teachings and techniques. Learn about the types of meditation, and how to apply them to daily living. Dive deeper into the science of Mantra, and how it impacts the body, mind, and nervous system. 

October 8 - 10, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm (14 hours) | No Pre-requisite. $280 for CEUs


Module 8: Yoga Sutras - The Essential Text for Yogic Living - learn how an ancient text continues to shine wisdom on our modern woes, and how to engage in life and practice to attenuate the suffering that comes with change. Learn why it is a foundational text of the Masters of the Himalayas, and experience ancient practices that have shaped generations of practitioners, sages and saints.

November 12-14, 2021: Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday 10am - 3pm (14 hours) | No Pre-requsite $280 for CEUs


Module 10: Earning the Seat of the Teacher - To complete your 200 hour yoga teacher certification, we will spend 2 weekends going over the business of yoga, ethics, best practices in an online industry, and each student will teach a 30-60 minute 'yoga' class, based on the styles and techniques that resonate with them. 

December 3 - 5, 2021: Friday 6pm - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm (17 hours)

January 8-10, 2022: Friday 6pm - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm (17 hours) | Pre-requisite Modules 1-9

How to register: 

email Kirsten@LivingYogaDallas.com to schedule a chat

About this Presenter: 

Jeff Masters LMT, C-IAYT, MPCT, Msc. (Hon.), is the founder and director of the Masters Institute, an organization dedicated to vibrant health, wellness and the realization of our fully actualized potential. With over 30 years of mentorship, training and clinical practice, Jeff’s writings, teachings and sessions bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western arts, sciences and lifestyle. His emphasis on the modern application of ancient wisdom creates accessible, embodied learning opportunities where understanding is inspired by direct experience and personal realization. ”When you heed the call to become something greater than yourself, you transform not only your own life but the lives of all those you touch.”

Kirsten Joy Burch, 500ECYT is the owner of Living Yoga Dallas, and founder of PraniLife Consulting, focusing on the teachings that support a life of greater joy and less suffering. Kirsten has over 30 years of practice experience, and began studying with the Himalayan Masters in 2014. She offers a playful teaching style, rooted in deep wisdom and practical experience, and shows how to apply the ancient wisdom and techniques to help solve modern woe. A master crafter of asana, and Yoga Nidra specialist, you can enjoy a class with Kirsten online by visiting PraniLife.com/classes.

What to Bring: 

Please be prepared to keep a journal of your practices, as well as lifestyle observations.

Required Props: 

If possible, please set yourself up for success with a quality mat, yoga blanket, strap or small towel, and 2 blocks. If you have access to a bolster or sit cushion, you may find that comfortable as well.

Will be issued for each module upon registration

Payment Options: 

email Kirsten@LivingYogaDallas.com with schedule or payment concerns. If you have to miss a class, you can watch the recording. If you need to make payment arrangements, we can work a monthly payment schedule.