Event Dates: 
Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:30
Event Presenter(s): 
Dr. Paula Joyce, PhD
Dr. Paula Joyce, PhD
4801 Spring Valley Road
Wood Room, Suite 113
Dallas, TX 75244
United States


There are basically two ways to de-stress, and we need both of them. One is to learn how to let go of the stress, anxiety and pain. The other is to push it out with laughter, happiness and fun. You can’t laugh and feel sad at the same time.

It’s summer. Let’s rediscover the playful child within. Too many of us have become weighed down by the troubles in the world. We are starting to see everything with suspicion, worry and fear. Enlightenment literally means lightening up. 



· Let’s find new ways to lighten up and enjoy our lives. 

· Let’s unblock our ability to have fun. 

· Let’s play for our health, well-being and longevity.


We will meet at CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living, in the Wood Room - Suite 113



About this Presenter: 

Dr. Paula Joyce, PhD, The Life Doctor, is a best-selling author and top ranked radio host. She did her post-doctoral studies at Yale University and has been in USA Today, the Dallas Morning News and on national radio and television. Using her unique process, Dr. Paula will help you remove hidden blocks to create the life you want.

She has helped thousands of people improve their health, wealth, and relationships through writing, coaching and speaking. Her clients attain success, achieve breakthrough thinking and enhanced productivity with her Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process, which aligns and integrates information in both sides of the brain. Clients dissolve hidden fears and blocks in both sides of the brain, so that they are able to solve challenging problems and reach their goals. 

You can hear her On Demand shows here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2317/uplift-your-life-nourishment-of-the-spirit 

Visit Dr. Paula's Website: www.paulajoyce.com

Contact Information: 

Dr. Paula Joyce, PhD


(214) 208-3533