Event Dates: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 06:00 to 09:00
Event Presenter(s): 
Diana Suemi
Heather Shover
myHealthTorch.com and Prani Life
1808 S. Good Latimer
Dallas, TX 75226
United States


How does a women experience the source of vitality, youth and beauty? Many traditions believe it comes from sexual energy, which can become imbalanced due to fear, stress, fatigue, and residue from prior sexual encounters. 

The Womb Purification process will guide you to access the vitality of the divine feminine to heal, protect, and cleanse your sacred womb, achieve better health, gain inner harmony, and have an increased level of energy and prosperity in your life.

A womb that isn’t receptive to the divine feminine energy is no longer connected to the true source of material and spiritual abundance, thus affecting a woman’s ability to experience her full purpose and potential in life.

You can cleanse yourself from the energy of past sexual relationships, and access more creative potential.
Negative energy can develop when a woman does not know how to purify her energy after a sexual encounter. Not only does this bring an increased risk for developing gynecological disorders, but this negative energy can also pass on to her children. Purification practices can be used to release energies from past sexual encounters, including those related to sexual violence or abuse, and can also clear ancestral and karmic knots.

~When feminine sexual energy isn’t flowing harmoniously, a woman is more vulnerable to utero-genital disease, early menopause, infertility, signs of early aging, painful periods, and generalized self- doubt.


Why is it important?

The womb is an organ that receives divine energy from the source of creation. Located in the second chakra, this energy center collects and stores energetic information, documenting the stages of a woman’s life, and contains lingering energy from previous sexual partners and liberate you.




About this Presenter: 

Diana Suemi is a Slavic shamaness (medicine woman), spiritual business coach and international teacher and author. For over 15 years Diana has been traveling the world to help women obtain better health, create harmony in relationships, develop their talents, release fears, and maximize the use of their resources.

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