How Does Yoga Nidra Support a Daily Meditation Practice?

It was a must for me to include yoga nidra in my 21-day meditation journey Empowered Wake Up!because in my personal practice yoga nidra is a key support to sustaining a morning meditation practice.

Here's Why:

1. Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation. It is said that 40 minutes of yoga nidra can be equivalent to 3 hours of sleep. When we utilize practices like yoga nidra that can support us in deeply restoring and relaxing we have more energy to be awake and aware during our meditation practice. We may feel more refreshed upon waking and our morning meditation practice will benefit. 

2. Yoga Nidra practiced with Sankalpa (resolve) can help you commit to your morning meditation. In yoga nidra you can plant the seeds of your sankalpa in the depths of your consciousness, amplifying your ability to manifest. 

3. Swami Rama says " Yoga nidra supports and strengthens meditational techniques...Yoga Nidra has immense benefits and can be used for learning the subtleties of life... The dimensions of life that are not explored during the waking, dreaming and sleeping states can be explored through yoga nidra..." Enlightenment Without God pg. 62-63

4. Swami Rama also tells us that when we are in the state of yoga nidra; meaning that we have learned to go into an involuntary sleep, yet remain fully aware of our environment, our clarity of mind is more profound than in our waking state. The more we practice being in this state it not only builds our capacity for determination and will, but it give us a stable and strong place from which to practice meditation. Enlightenment Without God- Swami Rama - pg 56

This is why I recorded two brand new Yoga Nidra practices for Empowered Wake Up! 

Yoga Nidra is a beneficial practice that can inform the whole of your life from your meditation, creativity, memory, sleep, ability to manifest and spiritual transformation. It is a full and complete practice on it's own but also incredibly supportive for whatever spiritual practice you are undertaking and your life in general. My suggestion is to practice yoga nidra at least 2-3 times a week. If you really want to experience profound shifts, practice it for an entire 21-days. I recorded two brand new yoga nidra practices that I included in Empowered Wake Up! - one is 15 minutes and the other 30 minutes. Adding yoga nidra into this 21 days of meditation is the key to making it a very powerful and transformational experience for you. 


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