Meet Lisa Hafner - DFW Yoga Therapist, Kinesiologist and Vitality Coach

When did you first begin the practice of yoga? When did you begin your practice of meditation ?

- I began practicing yoga 24 yrs ago and only dabbled with meditation until 2006, at which point I committed to a serious meditation practice.

When did you find yoga as a healing modality?

- From the moment I did my 1st Downward Facing Dog in 1995.  Yoga was truly my path to healing and recovering from trauma from the moment I began practicing.

We met because of ParaYoga - tell me why it’s different than yoga you find in a modern studio.

-In my experience most of the yoga classes I have attended in yoga studios have been very externally focused (the body, fitness), whereas Para Yoga's commitment to honoring and preserving a lineage, and how as students we are challenged to awaken the light of self knowledge sets it apart. Para Yoga challenges one to be more aware, to self-examine, to develop greater discernment and to logically apply that wisdom in every aspect of our lives. 

You’re a certified ParaYoga Four Desires Teacher and have a few events on the schedule before the big weekend on September! Tell us a little bit about 4D and who might benefit?

- The Four Desires is a life changing, systematic process for discovering one's purpose, finding fulfillment and freedom and also discovering the obstacles (patterns, behaviors, perceptions) that impede one from achieving their deepest desires.  Anyone can benefit from this process, however, it can be especially beneficial for someone who is ready for change, is feeling stuck or just looking to expand their self knowledge.

Which tools or techniques you’ve studied have impacted you the most?

- Meditation and pranayama have impacted me the most.  Learning to be still, to go inward, to develop a higher level of discernment, to connect to my Source have been the rewards of mediation.  Understanding and experiencing that we can have an instant and profound energetic shift by guiding or directing our breath (our life force) has been life changing for me and also for my clients.

Congrats on being selected to teach in DFW’s first CIAYT program! What is your speciality there?

- Thank you, I am really excited about this opportunity and to bring this knowledge to yoga teachers who are ready to go to the next level.  My role is that of Lead Instructor as a Yoga Therapy Generalist, which encompasses all aspects of Yoga Therapy and the curriculum that we will be teaching.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out?

- I would tell someone starting out to find a class or teacher that "feels right".  The practice must have an impact in some way in order for one to have the desire to return to the mat.  Be open to the experience, be inquisitive and don't be afraid to ask questions!  Don't compare yourself nor your experience to others!

What about for someone who wants to go deeper?

- Find a Teacher who still studies with their Teacher (preferably lineage based), have a consistent practice of both asana and meditation, never stop studying and learning.

What do you do for fun?

My husband and I love to hike, both to commune with nature and to challenge ourselves.  I love cooking and entertaining, dancing like no one is watching and cuddling with my dogs!

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Lisa's Studio & Contact Info:

5217 McKinney Avenue Suite 208 Dallas, TX 75205  |  214-418-7390 



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