Yogi LJ Drops In - Uptown Yoga

I went back to Uptown Yoga to visit friends and teachers I haven't seen in ages. It was here that I developed my teaching form over a decade ago - it was here that I first found my journey to yoga. Here are the Drop In Notes on my experience...and why I will always come back.

  • Teacher / Instructor Name - Alexandra Grimm
  • Neighborhood - Uptown near McKinney
  • Parking - On the street – prepare to possibly walk a block or 2
  • Type of Class - Vinyasa Flow – All Levels - 6:45pm – 7:45pm
  • Approx # in attendance - 30+


  • The Big takeaway - It inspired me to get my mojo rising
  • The impact to my personal practice - Variations on twists that I’ve already added to my practice
  • The impact as a Yoga Teacher - I'll share what I've learned with my students - I used her variations the next day - it's par for the course for Alexandria to design amazing variations.


This class is for folks who enjoy Yoga for fitness – aerobic and strong, combined with breath focus, grounded in yoga philosophy


  • What makes this place and teacher exceptional
    • the teachers collaborate on innovation so you’re always learning something new but still with unified consistency.
    • It was good to be ‘home’ – it’s been 4 years since my last practice and 8 years since I taught there.