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Yoga is a very relevant topic to explore in the society of today’s children because it offers something nothing else can offer, a non-competitive outlet. Yoga also has many undeniable benefits that go along with it. Adults are reaping these benefits with great reward. It’s time we share this same outlet with our children today.

Today’s schools are filled with never before seen challenges. High violence rates, low success rates and an increased population of mentally and physically unhealthy children are rampant. Yoga is accessible, easy and the benefits come quickly. The more you grow your practice, the more benefits you will see.

In 1990 when I began teaching a yoga class for the City of Plano Parks and Recreation Department, there was one other yoga teacher offering classes in Plano.&nbsp; In addition to teaching group yoga classes, people came to me for bodywork, energetic healing and private yoga lessons. My business earned a small profit in the first year and has sustained profitability ever since. The freedom of&nbsp; being in charge of my own schedule as a small business owner offered exactly what I needed at the time to take my yoga practice to a deeper level.<br />
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Life! Busy, messy, sometimes dull, sometimes more excitement than we can bear… but truly a joy in all of its glory.

One consistent thing about life these days is the constant stream of
• e-mails, texts, Facebook posts
• things you need to do, things you should do, things not to do
• who needs your help, your love, your opinion
…the demand on our attention, energy and time is never-ending.

Curabitur fermentum bibendum venenatis. Aenean ut sem non