Mommy and Me

Colby is a fully-certified 500 hour Yoga Alliance instructor trained in Rocket, Hatha and Ashtanga styles, as well as a Gold-level PiYo Instructor, freelance choreographer and ACE Health Coach. With a decade of experience as a certified fitness and yoga instructor, Colby's expertise spans a wide variety of disciplines. In 2012, her passion to help others thrive led to the launch of Slice Fitness, one of London's original boutique fitness studios.

As a songwriter, Jamie’s musical journey began as a small child singing and writing songs with her two older brothers. In her early teens she was introduced to many sacred texts, including the Bhagavad Gita. This new found, old felt passion, sparked a fire in her heart and left her with a deep knowing that Yoga was the next step on her path. While the thought of Yoga seems light and lofty, Jamie soon found that dedication to the practice had cracked her wide open! So she dove into the wounds, peeled back the layers and shortly after took her first Yoga teacher training.

My love for Yoga started back when I was a senior in college. I’d heard about how powerful Yoga was and decided to give it a shot. It was then that I knew that I’d found the perfect medication! I started sleeping better, my back and shoulder pain lessened with each day of practice, and I was approaching life with more intention by being grounded, compassionate, and calm. From that moment on, Yoga became a constant factor in my life, and it only took a few teacher training courses before I knew what I was intended to do – Teach Yoga. I have been teaching yoga since 2008.

Cheryl has been dancing and moving her whole life.
Yoga is a natural overflow of the passion she has inside to
truly love and help people.

Cheryl has a degree in psychology and elementary
education. After spending many years teaching in schools, and home schooling
her own 5 children, she now gets to teach yoga to people of all ages and levels.

This includes her precious baby "students" and their mamas and care-givers,
all the way up to beginning students in their 60's who just want to feel better.
She has a deep desire to help others find and live out of their own strength and

I evolved from teaching perfection to teaching acceptance. That is the summary of my journey into yoga teaching. As a professional dancer and dance teacher, it was contrary to my own yoga practice to constantly be critical of others bodies and progress in the hopes of achieving a "perfect" picture on the stage. One day it just clicked. TEACH ACCEPTANCE. I had to understand how to apply it to myself first. Once that lesson took root, my development as a teacher of yoga really began.

In 1996, i believe GOD had a plan for me that would change my life forever. I was in a serious car accident that forced me to re-evaluate my health. No longer could I continue running long distances and lifting weights, nor being a personal trainer and aerobic instructor. I had to find a healing lifestyle of staying well - YOGA!

I am also a devotee to the art of yoga. Yogees combines my love for working with children and my enthusiasm for unique physical and mental wellness of yoga.

I began my yoga journey in the 1990’s with a love of books on meditation and pranayama. I have been blessed to learn from many great teachers taking tools and words of wisdom from each experience. I am grateful for those teachers and offer them my humble gratitude.<br />
<br />

I am currently a professor in the education department at a local university. As part of my research agenda, I designed a peace and yoga curriculum/research study for 4th graders in a West Dallas Elementary school in 2008. The students learned peace-building skills and yoga. The program was a success and I decided that I needed to extend this program across the DFW area. I had been practicing yoga at American Power Yoga and Dallas Yoga Center for the past year and decided to get certified to teach yoga so that I could improve the yoga portion of the program.

Monica Blossom Hochberg embodies and shares Flowetry from this premise:

~ ‘and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom’ ~ anis nin

Flowetry is a movement modality or practice that provides more than excellent cardio exercise, muscle toning, and core strengthening. Similar to other yogic, ecstatic movement and dance practices, it provides an opportunity to break free of our typical movement patterns to access and embody more creativity, fluidity, vitality, authenticity, and joy!