Melanie was inspired to try yoga in 2006 when training for a triathlon. Her instant realization that the practice went far deeper than just a way to tone led her to explore the philosophy and history of yoga. Melanie received her 200-hour RYT certification in 2012. The studies proved to be a ‘game-changer’ in her life; the first step was to open her heart to learn what made her ‘tick’ in order to live a life full of compassion, love and acceptance. Melanie will always think of herself as a student, always grateful for the lessons yoga teaches her each time she steps on the mat.

Melanie was inspired to try yoga in 2006 when training for a triathlon. Her instant realization that the practice went far deeper than just a way to tone led her to explore the philosophy and history of yoga.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Reiki Master, 500 RYT and Nutritionist

Laura is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Lifestyle Coach, AADP, a Certified Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a Reiki Master. She was previously a Certified Anusara Teacher and is presently teaching a form of aligned flow hatha yoga that has evolved from this knowledge along with Rajanaka Tantra, Ayurveda, anatomy, breath, and the subtle body.

I am holistic personal trainer, yoga teacher and wellness coach with a specialty in: seniors, womens fitness, therapeutic fitness, weight management, stress relief, couples, pre/post natal and injury recovery. I have over 10 years experience designing programs for clients with diverse backgrounds and needs. I offer private in home yoga sessions which are based on your goals and intention. Packages include free wellness coaching and nutrition advising! There is not one program alike; which allows your sessions to be entirely unique, comprehensive and holistic. 

Meet Vaidya Dhanada Kulkarni - - BAMS, Masters in-Alternative Medicine, LMT, RMAS, BCIM, International Master Ayurvedic and Yoga Specialist & Expert, Licensed Massage Therapist, B.A. Vedanga Jyotish, Diploma in Vastushasatra, Board certified in American Alternative Medicine,( AAMA),Board Certified in American integrative Medicine BCIM from( AAIM), Pre/Post-natal exercise specialist, AFPA, USA. Founder of Soham-AyurYoga, LLC, Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant.

Chelsey Charbeneau has found her life's purpose in helping people become happier and healthier through her own healing journey. When she began practicing yoga she was an unhealthy person who could barely touch her toes. As her practice became more serious and her lifestyle habits changed she started recognizing the therapeutic effects on her mind, body and soul.

My life up to this point has had many phases, highs and lows.  My adolescent years included being heavily medicated and spending countless hours with therapists giving me various diagnoses. I was told and expected to just behave, but in reality I was unsatisfied.

I came to yoga and finally found a way to manage my emotions on my own but it wasn’t until yoga helped me get through the grief of loosing my former spouse that the practice began to take on a deeper meaning. Initially yoga was only a physical practice.

It was only when I was expelled from the Citadel military college two weeks from graduation and just beginning to shed a pesky coke habit that my life and outlook began to make a sizable shift. This shift came about more or less accidentally and began in a group yoga class.

As a songwriter, Jamie’s musical journey began as a small child singing and writing songs with her two older brothers. In her early teens she was introduced to many sacred texts, including the Bhagavad Gita. This new found, old felt passion, sparked a fire in her heart and left her with a deep knowing that Yoga was the next step on her path. While the thought of Yoga seems light and lofty, Jamie soon found that dedication to the practice had cracked her wide open! So she dove into the wounds, peeled back the layers and shortly after took her first Yoga teacher training.

I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but I found myself more and more drawn to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. Yoga became something I did for myself every day. Hungry for more, I dove right in to my 200 hour teacher training at Lotus Yoga to attain the knowledge and a better understanding of yoga as a whole. My love for yoga grew exponentially from there. I have studied with Rod Stryker, Judith Hanson Lasater, Aaron Price, Tara Kristof, and Jennifer Hensley.