Linda Sprague - Founder and creator of the SoulCPR process, Linda has dedicated her life for the past three decades to helping people unravel their personal traumas and challenges in order to find their truest self.  Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Folklore Studies from Indiana University, is certified in Trauma Resolution Therapy, Relief and Recovery and The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator.  Linda is also a practitioner of astrology and metaphysical studies.  A public speaker, consultant and SoulCPR Master Guide, Linda works with a wide range of individuals and audiences to help people al

Patricia Sanders serves on the Board of Directors for the American College of Vedic Astrology™ and is an Online instructor for ACVA as well. Her focus is on personal growth experiences with her individual readings and through teaching astrology workshops and seminars. She has worked in the areas of health, healing and wholeness for over 20 years and incorporates Vedic Astrology Coaching™ into her work with clients.
Patricia is in private practice at the Dallas Yoga Center and has a world wide clientele connected through telephone and travels.

Shanda's interest in bodywork began in an anatomy class in college. She remembers how curious she was about the inner workings of the human body. Shortly after receiving her degree, she decided to pursue this new passion, which has become a lifelong study of the body and the healing arts.