Treating food as medicine and keeping a grounded self-care routine is important to navigate seasonal change with less cold, flu and fatigue.

If you or someone you know if undergoing cancer treatments, or other conditions that cause nausea or ‘anxious belly’, try these recipes for a soothing lunch.

Did you notice that soon the season will change ! Soon fall will be here and it is time to prepare our body for the seasonal change. With the change in surroundings, we will see a chage in our bodies too. So its time to boost our immunity. Personally I like to boost prepare my body with this '6 Spice Turmeric Tea' good by itself or with a meal !  A wonderful tea packed with the goodness of Turmeric, Ginger, …a total of six Ayurvedic spices ! Try it and let us know. 

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that not only are our meals important to our overall health and wellness, but they are also crucial to our mental state during and after the time that we are eating.  

“What you think impacts your Digestion,
As much as what you eat impacts your Consciousness!”

The Practice of Sacred Eating is performed over and above any prayers or blessings you may perform and is conducted in a completely silent manner with no outside distractions.  Please note that you can modify this practice to fit into your daily meal time habits.