Ayurveda is the original science of life, passed down from teacher to student for untold generations and eventually documented in Sanskrit in the Charaka Samhita. It contains over 8,400 verses (mantra), in the form of meter and rhyme, and was compiled around 400 BCE.  Like the other Vedic wisdom, these mantra are memorized as an ongoing tradition in self mastery and transformation.  In modern terms it can be viewed as the seed of organic chemistry, cellular biology and quantum physics.

I almost titled this article "Why are the airlines trying to kill us?”… but then I remembered, they just don't know better…

I'm not sure why this holiday season's travel hit me as hard as it did, I've been all over the globe by myself without a hitch.  Maybe it’s possible that my perspective has changed in the recent past...now that I've experienced what a healthy doshic balance feels like, travel induced Vata derrangement is like a bucket of ice water to the face!

As summer’s nearing end, I find myself and the world around me entering a season of change – back to school, vacation’s over, and the lush vibrant greens of midsummer are now showing browns and yellows at the edges.  Just today I saw a hint of red coming forth!

No matter where you live geographically, your internal “nature” experiences the change of the seasons.
Summer is the season of heat.  The sun is close, and the element of fire is predominant in nature.

Especially during this end of Vata season, building and supporting Ojas is key to vivacious living, joy and immunity. Of the 3 vital essences; prana, the breath and vital life force, tejas, the subtle radiance of fire to metabolize, transform and illuminate on all levels and the most important, ojas which is our bodies vital sap, and the end product of our digested food, thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Ojas is the container of our energy source and the capacity of our immune system, without which...

When my travel companion suggested a trip to Mexico to embark on a yoga Ayruvedic meditative retreat, I thought about it for a few minutes and enthusiastically agreed.  I stared in blankness as I imagined myself with only a loincloth in a carpet-lined kiva in front of a fire with naked and well-oiled women chanting tantric mantras around a flickering fire with the smell of incense in the background.  After many hours and the ritualistic celebration of life and flesh over, I would surely sit with a chalice of good wine and fire-roasted goat on silk pillows while gaining energy for the next g

For as long as I can remember I have loved people with food. So it is not ironic that I find myself immersed and fascinated with the science of Ayurveda. Obviously there was some karmic residue in and around food for me in this lifetime.