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Routine gives your mind and body the framework it needs to run smoothly, with more balance and less anxiety. Just as the Sun rises and falls with predictability, so should you - add these 7 Self Care Rituals to set the stage for your healthiest day, every day.

I went back to Uptown Yoga to visit friends and teachers I haven't seen in ages. It was here that I developed my teaching form over a decade ago - it was here that I first found my journey to yoga. Here are the Drop In Notes on my experience...and why I will always come back.

5 Ways To Use Yoga For Building Self Confidence

Massage is such an important part of self care – whether we provide the compassionate touch to ourselves, or work with a wellness partner to provide support, it can support your body’s immune response, improve sleep, and support digestion – all important things for people living a conscious lifestyle.

If you’ve practiced yoga for even just a little while, you’ve probably had the experience of being settled (rather uncomfortably) in Pigeon Pose during class when, out of the blue, you started crying and had no idea why. It’s ok--me too. Or maybe there’s been a time when you were completely minding your own business, and someone’s unexpected touch, a certain smell, or a particular sound sent your mind reeling, propelled shock waves through your body, or suddenly catapulted memories you never recalled having before to the front-and-center of your brain. Yep, me too.