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No diet on the planet will serve you if your digestion is stagnant, too sharp, or irregular. These 4 simple steps provide a foundation for your digestion to suport you health and wellbeing.

Enjoy this yummy relaxing spa bath for softer skin, and to reduce the impact of stress and seasonal change. 

We experience the mind - body connection when we’re anxious, depressed or scared. Our digestion can be impacted we may have difficulty with sleep, we might experience aches and pains, headaches and more. When the body is in pain, the mind cannot relax and find peace. When the mind is not at peace, the body cannot relax and function at its peak.

So what is the answer to keeping both aligned and healthy?

From a shamanic perspective, the female womb is the energy center for a woman and for her family.  Just as the womb is the source of creation and new birth in a woman’s body, the womb is also the connection a woman has to Creator/Source energy (fill in God, Universe, or any other word that feels right here as shamanism is not a religion).  In addition to being the energy source for the woman and her family, the womb also cleanses the negative energies within the woman herself as well as the negative energies that exist within her sexual partner.