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Massage is such an important part of self care – whether we provide the compassionate touch to ourselves, or work with a wellness partner to provide support, it can support your body’s immune response, improve sleep, and support digestion – all important things for people living a conscious lifestyle.

If you’ve practiced yoga for even just a little while, you’ve probably had the experience of being settled (rather uncomfortably) in Pigeon Pose during class when, out of the blue, you started crying and had no idea why. It’s ok--me too. Or maybe there’s been a time when you were completely minding your own business, and someone’s unexpected touch, a certain smell, or a particular sound sent your mind reeling, propelled shock waves through your body, or suddenly catapulted memories you never recalled having before to the front-and-center of your brain. Yep, me too.

Throughout my life, there has always been a sincere desire to know God more intimately. As a young woman, I remained committed to my faith through the reading of the Bible and other spiritual writings, prayer, attending mass, and trying to live a faith-filled life.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that not only are our meals important to our overall health and wellness, but they are also crucial to our mental state during and after the time that we are eating.  

“What you think impacts your Digestion,
As much as what you eat impacts your Consciousness!”

The Practice of Sacred Eating is performed over and above any prayers or blessings you may perform and is conducted in a completely silent manner with no outside distractions.  Please note that you can modify this practice to fit into your daily meal time habits.

What would our lives and our world look like if we valued sleep and restoration as an important activity of health? How would we feel if every time, or even just sometimes, we answered the the tired pleas of our body with a nap, instead of a coffee? These are the questions we pondered and practiced at Judith and Lizzie Lasater’s Rest and Silence Workshop at YogaYoga during a warm late-November in Austin.