Osten Aune, Gong Journeyman

Gong Journeys Meditation

Gong Journeys Meditation

Tuesday, November 12th at Unity Dallas from 7:00-8:30 PM

Gong Journeys Meditation is a Sound Therapy that encourages Meditation and Self-Healing. A Spiritual Journey of stress relief, deep rest, relaxation, prayer and spirituality; a rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Relax * Release * Rekindle * Rejuvenate

Mudras * Mantras * Movement * Meditation

Suggested Dāna/Donation $10-$20


And now practice mindfulness

Focused on NOW

Active intentional attention

Observing without judging

THEN – which I cannot change

NEXT – which I do not know

NOW - I miss

I remember

I create worry – fear – sadness

I am attached

I remember

I choose NOW

I swear I do

As I move to NEXT

Creating links without evidence – a perversion of faith.

I Choose Worry – fear – sadness

NEXT slips and I swing into THEN, pain – sadness – loss

In a “sound bath” or mindful sound meditation, a mindfulness and sound expert plays instruments such as the gong, singing bowls, and tingsha bells to curate an immersive sound experience. Students simply let their attention rest on the sounds arising and passing.

Participants often report feeling re-centered and relaxed after the Mindful Sound + Healing class, and this anecdotal evidence is supported by science. Sound waves move through the body differently than air, since the body is 65% water. Sound meditation has been shown to incite the relaxation response, which promotes the parasympathetic nervous system and allows for deep rest.

Treating food as medicine and keeping a grounded self-care routine is important to navigate seasonal change with less cold, flu and fatigue.

If you or someone you know if undergoing cancer treatments, or other conditions that cause nausea or ‘anxious belly’, try these recipes for a soothing lunch.

Did you notice that soon the season will change ! Soon fall will be here and it is time to prepare our body for the seasonal change. With the change in surroundings, we will see a chage in our bodies too. So its time to boost our immunity. Personally I like to boost prepare my body with this '6 Spice Turmeric Tea' good by itself or with a meal !  A wonderful tea packed with the goodness of Turmeric, Ginger, …a total of six Ayurvedic spices ! Try it and let us know. 

Holistic science of Ayurveda teaches us that our health and welfare depends upon one main factor, and that is how strong our digestive system is. That means the ability to digest everything we take in from the environment. This includes not only tangible substances like our food and drink, but also our capabilities, emotions, and the imprints we take in via our sensory gateways. And this Digestive system depends on “Digestive fire. “