Often we want others to “be” a certain way because they are an extension of our ego-identity.  We take on others actions as being an extension of who we are.  This just isn’t true.  My practice of loving is giving others permission to be as they are and this has become an active practice of loving others.

Do you ponder over the meaning of life?

Do you want discover your highest potential and are seeking the means to achieve it?

Are you keenly seeking true transformation and growth?

Do you aspire to work towards universal good?


Man’s Quest

The quest for realization has intrigued mankind from times immemorial.

Realization of what?  Realization of one’s highest potential within - the real state of Being.


We experience the mind - body connection when we’re anxious, depressed or scared. Our digestion can be impacted we may have difficulty with sleep, we might experience aches and pains, headaches and more. When the body is in pain, the mind cannot relax and find peace. When the mind is not at peace, the body cannot relax and function at its peak.

So what is the answer to keeping both aligned and healthy?

From a shamanic perspective, the female womb is the energy center for a woman and for her family.  Just as the womb is the source of creation and new birth in a woman’s body, the womb is also the connection a woman has to Creator/Source energy (fill in God, Universe, or any other word that feels right here as shamanism is not a religion).  In addition to being the energy source for the woman and her family, the womb also cleanses the negative energies within the woman herself as well as the negative energies that exist within her sexual partner.  

'I always say that the institution of the family has been made by women only, but that they have forgotten their power. Unless women are awakened, unless they arise, humanity cannot help itself...'

Yoga has been popular among women for years, but now men are realizing just how beneficial it can be to them. For over 5,000 years, yoga has been a part of civilization. Originally designed as a religious ritual, the practice has evolved into many different forms. Certain sects still practice yoga for religious reasons, working toward enlightenment. Most mainstream practitioners in the western world practice yoga for its relaxation and physical benefits. The practice turns off many men who believe it is too new age-y or not a masculine pursuit. The truth is, the practice is becoming popular with professional athletes and trainers across the country.

Routine gives your mind and body the framework it needs to run smoothly, with more balance and less anxiety. Just as the Sun rises and falls with predictability, so should you - add these 7 Self Care Rituals to set the stage for your healthiest day, every day.

I went back to Uptown Yoga to visit friends and teachers I haven't seen in ages. It was here that I developed my teaching form over a decade ago - it was here that I first found my journey to yoga. Here are the Drop In Notes on my experience...and why I will always come back.